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Grant Cardone and Seth Setrakian

In this Show

Want a quick lesson is success from the successful? Tune in and take notes. Grant looks for people generous enough to share their time, energy, insights and even failures. He’s a 42-year old Armenian stock trader, made hundreds of millions of dollars, lost it, and made it all back.

His life was perfect until he was 26 years old. He was bred to be a trader. His father was a trader and as a kid at 7 or 8 he was looking at gold charts plotting things out with him.

His family comes from Turkey and fled after the genocide around 1915, by foot, to Beirut, even eating grains from camel shit on the way! His grandfather was a hustler, living in the streets. He arrived in Beirut with pennies in his pocket and became a very successful silk trader.

“By low, sell high. The basic value of spread is the same in any market.” – Seth Setrakian

Perspective is very important, and for Seth he takes a step back when he encounters a setback. Genocide and mass exodus are problems; losing some money on Friday is not a problem.

Watch or listen to the full episode to hear the rest of the amazing story!

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