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With customer service, small things make a BIG difference. Customer complaints in business are inevitable, and in most cases the complaints you receive in business are recurring. The key to handling customer complaints is being prepared on exactly how to handle them without losing your cool. Customer Service is key. Competition is very high and we must place our best foot forward at all times.

What is Customer Service?

The purpose here is raise awareness, to wake you up so that you have the same sensitivity to customer service as a seller as you do as a buyer. Your future, your success depends on your ability to work with your customer and to deliver great customer service. I know you know this, we all know this and take it for granted.

Let’s first define customer service—the process of ensuring a customer satisfaction with a product or service. Often customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer. Many times it happens on a website or phone call—it can happen in a lot of different places. Customer service can take the form of in-person interaction which can happen on video or a phone call, it could be on a website, it could be in front of the person before, after, or during the sale, it could be while they’re getting data and information, or while they’re dissatisfied with their purchase.

What is satisfaction?

It’s the fulfillment of one’s wishes. I need to satisfy my wife, my kids, my employees, and my clients. How are you going to satisfy—fulfill one’s wishes? What are the customer’s wishes? What are their expectations and needs? What pleasure do they derive from something? If you can’t give pleasure you won’t satisfy them. Synonyms for satisfaction include contentment, pleasure, gratification. If you can’t get your customer to feel these feelings they won’t be customers that talk about how happy they are, they won’t talk about your product or service, and they may say things you don’t want them to.

The payment of a debt, or the fulfillment of an obligation is fulfillment. It’s full and final satisfaction of the claim. If you’ve never looked up the definitions of customer satisfaction or fulfillment how will you ever actually satisfy anyone? The fulfillment of one’s expectations. If you don’t know a customer’s expectations on the phone, on the website, when they walk in, how can you ever possibly fulfill them? Look, you know the reality of what you expect when you go to a hotel, when you get on an airline, or when you buy a product online. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes or a shirt, maybe a plumbing service—but you have an expectation. Whether it’s verbalized or not you have an expectation that you want from that company.

When a company doesn’t fulfill your expectations, how do you feel? That’s customer service. You know when you’re not being serviced. When you’re delivering service you need to flip that. Whether you are a receptionist or technology person, when the phone is ringing in the office wouldn’t you want to answer it on the first ring? Who likes calling a company and waiting three or four rings?

What is service?

It comes from the word serve. It’s the occupation or function of serving. A servant—maybe that’s why so many people have trouble with serving, because the word is about a servant. To serve is to wait on a table, a waiter—that’s what you’re doing. When you are doing customer service you are waiting on someone, you’re trying to fulfill their needs and satisfy them. That’s the work performed by one who serves.

Are you serving in your business? Are you fulfilling the customer, satisfying them? Are you meeting their expectations regardless of your position in your company? Everyone has the responsibility to satisfy a customer, to deliver service beyond what is expected. The goal of my company is to deliver levels of service that we don’t even have to talk about customer service because that’s not our problem anymore. Customer service is critical for your company, you, and your future. Become known for customer service not just in your company but in your community, that you’re the person that goes the extra mile and delivers great customer service.

You need to learn the top customer complaints and the precise word tracks to acknowledge the customers issue, diffuse the situation, and handle the customers concern appropriately Learn ways to understand and treat your customers. The level of customer service delivered to a customer or prospect has more impact on the customer experience and their satisfaction than any other single thing. So what does it mean to provide outstanding customer service and create a memorable
experience? With customer service, small things make a BIG difference.

Get on Cardone University and I will cover the top customer complaints and the precise word tracks to acknowledge the customers issue, diffuse the situation, and handle the customers concern appropriately.

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