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The Secrets About Success and Money – Grant Rant

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Success and money are like jealous lovers they are immature little juveniles, they behave erratically and irrationally. You have to understand this success and money are like little jealous, insecure, erratic, irrational lovers. They will always retaliate when their feelings are hurt, when they are ignored or not given enough attention. If you do not pay enough attention to success and money they will go spend time with someone else. If you don’t pay constant attention to success and money they will not just cause you problems, they will rebel, they will leave you, they will turn against you, they will go fund your friends, your family members, and even your enemies. They will become your enemies. Look most people do not have enough of either success or money because they don’t pay enough attention to them. Don’t pay them enough attention they will leave you, don’t make them your priority they will go spend their time with someone else. Don’t treat them like royalty, don’t massage them, feed them, love them, soothe them smother them with love and admiration and attention, if you don’t spoil success and money, if you don’t praise them everyday they are going to spend time with someone else. So here is what I want you to do. I want you to put more of your attention, more of your respect, loyalty, commitment, I want you to start giving those things you want more of, more attention. Success and money deserve your admiration if you want to learn more about this go to where I am going to load you up where you can have more success and more money.