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Why You Should Carry Cash – Grant Rant

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Hey Grant Cardone here New York Times Best Selling Author and and your friend in sales and in business.
Can paying cash save you money? This is a Dun & Bradstreet study that customers spend an average of 12-18% more when they use a credit card than when they use cash. When I run out of cash I cannot use anymore of it I can keep using the credit on my credit card. Using cash can often help you stay on budget but sometimes I wonder what you are spending that cash on. Do you even know, or does it just disappear quickly and you forget what you spent the money on? You have nothing to show for it. There is no receipt in most of the cases, you buy stuff you don’t need. What do you get with a credit card? A monthly bill I have to look at it a second time. I get a slip from them I know what I purchased. I have an accounting department setup by visa master card, and american express that gives me a bill 30 days, about how much I owe, what things cost me, what I spent. You cannot do that with cash, you guys walking around with little rolls in your pocket your playing like a big shot, you kill a hundred here you kill a hundred there you buy a bunch of chotskies, a bunch of junk! Credit Cards often provide you with cash back incentives points, perks, that you never get with cash. With a credit card you also have some protection from the credit card company of someone stealing your bone. When someone steals my credit card, what do I do I call up and say hey! Kill Visa, do not send me the bill Im not buying nothing today. When someone steals your cash its gone. I recommend you get a card every 30 days you pay it off and quit carrying around that baller wad that you have in your pocket. Even if you do have the wad keep it in your pocket so it makes you look like a baller even when you are rolling on credit.

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