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How to Screw Up Your Day

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Hey Grant Cardone here your friend in sales and in business, have you ever seen how people talk about different days of the week? You know like – “Oh man I hate Monday’s or Wednesday is hump day. Or hey thank God its Friday! Or my God I can’t wait till the weekend. When you hear people say Monday is this I hate it, Wednesday is hump day, Oh my god I can’t wait till the weekend”, you are talking to unproductive people. Unproductive first in their minds limiting their potential and their ability to produce at higher levels, because they are basically taking four days of the week and throwing them away. I hate Monday’s, Wednesdays hump day. Look Wednesday is not hump day, Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. First of all people don’t know zilch about the days of the week. Sunday is the first day of the week, Monday is the second day, Tuesdays the third day, Fourth day is Wednesday, Fifth day is Thursday, Friday is the 6th day, Saturday is the finish of the week. Otherwise you don’t know what you are talking about. You can’t waste any of it. You only have a handful, most people don’t even know how many Sundays they have. But they talk about their weekends being the greatest time of their life, and truth is most people get in trouble of the weekends. Pay attention to your time, your thoughts, your ideas and you have to start paying attention to the people that are around you and what they think. If the people around you hate Mondays you are not going to be very productive on Mondays. If Wednesday is a day named after camels and you don’t live in the desert you just confused. And if the weekend is the only thing you have got cherished, you need to blow your brains out because your life is going to be long, ugly and unproductive, Im keeping it real.