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Save Money on Taxes – Aero and Marine Tax Professionals

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At Aero and Marine Tax Professionals our goal is to eliminate your sales or use tax bill with the State of California.

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Surely there have been times when speaking with tax accountants or consultants and a disagreement or dispute came up. There are points made where there is little to no “reality” which causes a “break” in communication and understanding.

Mr. Tom Alston, the CEO of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals shares how this happens in business and why and his technique for resolving it to be ultimate benefit of the client.

Aero and Marine’s interest is saving the client a lot of money that they can potentially lose to the government. Listen in as Tom shares how they save money for their clients – every time. Of all the services that Aero and Marine provides, the most appreciated by clients, and those that refer them, is the fact that they insert themselves between the client (you) and the State of California staff.

A client of Aero and Marine never has to talk to the government auditors. Once they get a letter of authorization, then the state must talk to them. When you understand how the word ‘tax audit’ affects the spine of most human beings, this helps a lot. The whole process culminates with receipt by the client, of a letter from the State of California stating that the exemption on the aircraft tax has been supported–something they obtain every time.

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