How to Save $40,000 in Your Business Now – Jerry Fetta | AG Capital

How to Save $40,000 in Your Business Now – Jerry Fetta | AG Capital


The average mutual fund investor will pay more than $40,000 in just annual management fees to Wall Street and their financial advisor. Sound like a lot? That’s because it is!

Here are the facts:

– Over the last 20 years, the S&P 500 has only done a 6.86% CAGR (compounding annual growth rate)

– Over the last 20 years, the S&P 500 has only produced a 1.92% annual dividend

– The average mutual fund management fee is 1% or more.

– Minus the fee, the S&P 500 has only produced a 5.86% CAGR and a .92% dividend in the last 20 years.

If you have $70,000 in your investment account that means your $70,000 would only grow to $225,347 and it would only yield $172.76/mo. in income over 20 years. If you sold your shares for income you’d be out of money in less than 5 years! 

You also would have paid at least $49,602 in annual fees! 

We are told to invest this way by the Wall Street casino. The truth is, Wall Street and your broker are the only people who benefit in this transaction. Why? Because the only thing that is guaranteed is that they earn their fee. Why would you pay someone else money to let them speculate with your money? In any other industry, the party utilizing another party’s money would pay a fee or interest rate to borrow and would also give collateral to provide security. With Wall Street, you get none of that.

I have a better option for you in 3 easy steps. 

  1. Become your own custodian. By doing this you get rid of the custodial fees that you pay for a third party to hold your money. I can help you “self-direct” your IRA to make this happen!
  1. Invest for income. I have several investments paying an 8-12% fixed annual interest rate. They are backed by income producing real estate as collateral and they have no fees attached. You will be paid cash flow monthly from these options. 
  1. Reinvest your cash flow. Compounding cash flow is exponentially more powerful than compounding interest. The same $70,000 would grow to $300,121 and pay $3,001/mo. in income without selling! 

We both now you’re not going to do this unless you really believe it’s a real thing. So, I’d like to offer you a free 30-minute meeting so I can show you options like this do in fact exist and that you don’t have to keep giving your money to Wall Street to have them lose it once every 5 years and bleed you out in fees.

Click here to setup a complimentary meeting with a Wealth Coach.

Own Your Potential!

Jerry Fetta


Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential.

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