Sales Tax Exemption For Real Estate Broker- Tom Alston

Aereo & Marine Tax Professionals assisted a Real Estate broker from San Diego County in a supporting claim for a use tax exemption. The exemption saved him approximately $12,000.00 in aircraft sales tax

The owner stated: “First of all, I had a lot of questions and there was a lot of different ways to go about this and we were told there were some issues with possibly having to pay out-of-state use tax because the length of the time it was staying out of state for the maintenance and everything and the upgrading. I got good answers to everything and everything went really well. That’s what I really liked about Aero & Marine services.”

When asked if he would recommend Aero & Marine to others, he said: “Oh absolutely. I have before and I would continue to. I appreciate Aero & Marine services, they saved me a lot of money and made a confusing process simple.”

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