Sales Problems by Grant Cardone

Sales Problems by Grant Cardone

7 small fixes for 7 big problems

Everyone has the ability to make small fixes, to make things a little better and eventually overcome big problems. Over the past 30 years I have been making these small fixes to sales processes and customer satisfaction for companies. Sometimes the fixes were tiny and in other cases I rewrote the sales process of their entire industry. The media continues to tell us the problems of the past instead of coming up with new fixes for the future. Here are 7 small fixes that will help you become more effective, no matter what you sell, and help you overcome big problems to reach your true potential.

1. Not Solving Problems
2. Tough Questions
3. Prospects not Listening
4. Presenting too Long
5. Blaming the Price
6. Using Free Trials
7. Lacking Urgency to Close

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