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Have you heard of the rule of 5?

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It goes like this. Take the incomes of 5 people that you spend your time most and average it. The average will be around your income. 

It is said that if you have 5 intelligent friends, you are the 6th. The same goes for popularity, wealth and so on and so forth. We can then assume that if you have 5 friends that are negative or not doing well, the chances are very high that you are the same. If it is the opposite, then, you have 5 poor friends. But, you spend most of your time around intelligent people. 

If the above makes sense, what are we planning to do about it in 2017. I suggest the following:

1.Write down the names of 5 people that you look up to and want to spend time with. These 5 people must be capable of helping you grow as a person. Most importantly, these 5 people must have achieved something in life. 

2.Cast around in your network to contact them. 

3.Arrange a minimum 50 minute meeting with them every month. This means that you have 4 hours of personal growth planned for each month of 2017. 

4.Ideally, I would invite them for lunch. Why? You get, on an average, 1.5 hours with them. This will almost double your time with them every month. 

5.If the people that you want to meet are not on the island or highly popular, follow their lectures or seminars on you tube or face book. 

You may be wondering whether these 5 people want to spend time with you. If you are clear about what you want of them, they will be glad to be of assistance to you. Why?

1.It’s human tendency to assist if you request. 

2.People who have achieved something always want to share with people that want to grow in life. 

In 2017, I want to meet or follow the following people:

1.Gregory Elias ( I hope he reads this blog)

2.Grant Cardone ( our companies are already following his sales university. I also read a lot of his books)

3.Brad Sugars ( we attend a lot of his seminars and conferences already)

4.Shawn Moon 5.Mahatma Gandhi

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