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Richard Lorenzen & Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone interviews Richard Lorenzen on Power Players. Richard was making 6 figures at 15 years-old. At 24 years old and he got offices in Rockefeller center as CEO of 5th Avenue Brands with a payroll of 350K. If you don’t know PR, you don’t know business. Thanks to the internet the playing field has never been more level—if you can bring value. While advertising is limited to a certain reach, PR is more upside because when you get on a CNN Insider or Huffington Post the potential return can be higher with a larger audience reach. Richard explains that PR should be before advertising on your budget because you need people to know who you are. Be warned though that PR can’t do everything for you, there needs to be content in order to get to the right people. An Independent learner, Richard went to the library and studied up on marketing and how to build websites as a young teenager because schools don’t teach things like internet marketing. Everyone must take the same initiative if they want to change their lot in life. Richard advises to work hard to create a brand that really captures what you believe in.

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