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This Revolutionary Product is a Must SEE – Top Coat

The application process is quite simple and easy. You can chose to spray TopCoat® F11™ into a micro-fiber pad and wipe it on the desired surface, or spray TopCoat® F11™ directly on the surface and buff it in immediately with micro-fiber towels. If the weather conditions are favorable and not very windy, It’s great to lightly spray the product directly on the surface, immediately buffing the product into the surface, polishing as you buff. Always follow up with a dry micro-fiber towel(s) to do the final buff, buffing the product into the surface so it can fully penetrate. Remember: TopCoat® F11™ is water-based, so your first micro-fiber towel will consistently get damp with every spray and wipe, thus the reason to use a second, dry, micro-fiber towel to complete the buff to ensure the coating is polished in properly. For first time applications, wash and clean the bike or vehicle and get off any dirt, debris, coating or film. Always towel dry every surface after washing to prevent water spots and dry before you apply TopCoat® F11™. If you have a recently applied wax or detail spray coating on the surface, try to remove it if possible, or wait at least 5 days before you apply TopCoat®. Try not to use soaps, or soaps with wax or silicone in it as you want the TopCoat® sealer to bond to the substrate directly, not the other coating applied. If you do have wax on it, don’t worry, the TopCoat® will start to work its way through it. A second coat of TopCoat® a day or two later, a week, will fully get through any waxes that may have been left behind, allowing full bond at that point. Maintenance will become easier with every application, it’s very noticeable. You will eventually just start wiping TopCoat® surfaces down with just a micro-fiber towel as the coating provides a very slick, easy-release and non-stick coated surface that is very durable. The more applications, the easier and the better the results, while enhancing and extending the duration of the coating and its ability to protect from the elements. You will also find out that you won’t have to wash your vehicle as much, if at all, as the dirt, grime, and debris won’t build up or stick as before. A heavy rain will actually wash 95+% of your vehicle or bike. Now, detailing 101 and common sense. If you live in an area that is extremely dirty, like on a dirt road, you can still wash but we only recommend plain water and a cellulous sponge as 99.9% of everything will come off, including bugs, road film, bird droppings, dirt, tar, etc. The coating can be applied in direct sunlight also, but for best results, detailing 101 again, for best results apply out of the sun in ambient temperature.

Detailing 101: Always test products in an inconspicuous area first to ensure proper results. We can’t test for every single issue, event, chemical combination, or situation. Use common sense, what we call detailing 101 knowledge.

Warranty: Since conditions of actual product use are beyond the control of TopCoat®, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made and TopCoat® will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or consequential damages, which may result from the use or reliance of purchased product. You can apply the coating as little or often as you like, but detailing 101, you should apply at least every 3 month to allow the product to work effectively and gain all the benefits. We tell people every month from a detailing perspective as it’s so easy to use, and you ensure your “investment” is maintained properly, inside to out, consistently. We have many customers that apply it every 6 months too. You can apply it whenever your vehicles starts showing dirt! The more you use, the better the results and easier the maintenance. The effective life span is based on the area and conditions, and the physical wear of the coating from car washes, physical ablation.

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