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Analyzing the Rent Roll – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

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Analyzing the Rent Roll

Are you doing a Rent and Lease Audit before you buy a property? In this episode, Grant runs
down the who, what, and when of lease auditing. There are 7 things Cardone Capital looks for:

1) Gross Potential Income— the maximum amount you can achieve
2) Effective Rents— gross minus vacancies
3) Market Rents— what is your neighbors renting things for
4) Occupancy— how many people are actually there
5) Lease Term—how long tenants are there for
6) Other Income/Utilities/Concessions/Etc.—what are the tenants paying for
7) Unit Type (# of 1bd/2bd/3bd/etc.)—how big are the units?

When did the tenant agree to the lease? When does it terminate? What are they paying? Who
lives there? What do they do? Did they make a deposit? How are they paying? These are just
some of the things you must be asking!

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