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I’ve rebranded my company, A.G. Capital Group to WealthX. Over the past 3 years we have evolved quite a bit as a company from our core values, our education, our products & services, and the degree of real help we can provide to people. 

Wealth means “life by design”. “X” represents a mathematical symbol meaning “an unknown quantity. This is an illustration of the human potential. We teach our clients to achieve their potential by creating a life by design. The degree of one’s potential is unknown and extremely powerful! 

Our logo is a flame of 3 pillars. Each of these pillars represent one of the 3 component pieces of wealth creation. 

The 1st pillar is “make money”. We must create income to build wealth. This is done by exchanging something of value with another for something we deem of value. Income can be anything. It is simply an incoming flow that is derived from an exchange of value and helps us thrive. In this case, income does mean money.  

The 2nd pillar is “keep money”. We must be able to keep large sums of the money we make. We help our clients guarantee an increase in their savings rate so they can invest for passive income backed by REAL assets that produce monthly income. The only reason to save money is to make more money with that money.  

The 3rd pillar is “multiply money”. We must be able to leverage the power of compounding by investing the money we’ve kept into assets that make more money. This creates a snowball effect and allows us to make even more money, keep even more money, and multiply even more money. The cycle is continuous and is the only way true wealth can be built.  

Bottom line?  

WealthX is here to help you make money, keep money, and multiply money. Why? So you can pursue your God-given, ultimate potential and create a life by design!  

If you’re a family or individual, we can reduce your life and health insurance premiums by 73%, guarantee an increase in your savings rate, and secure an 8.5% fixed annual interest rate on your investments without playing with the Wall Street Casino! Click here to schedule your first session! 

If you own a business that has employees, we can reduce your group health insurance premiums by 50%, lower your cost per employee to $250/mo., and provide 1 on 1 Wealth Coaching to your team to increase productivity and reduce turnover! Click here to enroll now! 

Let’s face it, there is NO company out there like WealthX! 

Own Your Potential! 

Jerry Fetta 

Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential. 


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