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Manufacturing businesses have unique challenges that require a unique approach.  This is how a modern business phone system can help manufacturing enterprises.

1. Training and Development: Finding skilled labor is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing business. Therefore, they rely on training and developing their new employees at a huge cost of capital. Having a modern business phone can make training easy. With the modern business phone, you can video conference, chat and screen share easily. This allows you to do remote training sessions and help cut costs.

2. Scalability: Manufacturing businesses are directly affected by labor, raw material, and market fluctuation. They require a modern business tool that can be scalable to fit their need. You can add more lines when the business expands and you can decrease the number of lines during down seasons.

3. Efficiency:  Every second you are delayed due to poor communication increases the cost of your production. Poor communication creates an unnecessary process and extends your production time resulting in more man-hours and missed deadlines. The modern business phone system provides you with multiple features and flexibility. Some of the best features that can help you increase efficiency are Presence, video chats, and voicemail to email.  While Presence allows you to see your team members’ statuses, the video conferencing feature allows you to share your ideas and messages to multiple people all at once with a push of a button.

4. Cost: The cost of communication in any business is not easily negotiable for cuts or adjustments. Communication is a critical component of any manufacturing process; therefore, it needs special attention. Businesses that rely on a poor and antiquated communication system have a higher production cost than those that rely on the modern system. While an old business phone system requires a huge capital expense upfront and continued maintenance cost, the modern business phone system is often inexpensive to install and is low maintenance  More importantly, the modern business phone does not require a highly skilled professional to install or maintain. This helps you cut your production cost and increase your return on investment.

5. Integration and Collaboration: Manufacturing businesses work closely with key suppliers, partners, and customers that often use different tools for communication. This makes collaboration very difficult. Modern business phone systems provide a unified communication system that can easily integrate with multiple platforms. The modern business phone system can easily integrate with your email, cloud storage, CRM, calendar, etc. This makes collaboration simple and effective.

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