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When we were small, we used to have big dreams for ourselves.

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Sometimes those dreams sounded a bit crazy but they were never impossible! But then what happened?We grow up and learn that we should settle for something more “reasonable”. We then end up with an job that pays the bills and pays for that yearly vacation, but it doesn’t challenge you neither fulfills you! It’s just a job..

But this is not the way to live your life!

This is why you should follow your dreams:

1. To leave a legacy behind. How do you want to be remembered? You can create something for the next generation that will have them talking about you long time after you are gone. First step is actually to go after your dreams, be that crazy person that wants to change the world because in the end, what you imagine is what you create!

2. To inspire others. Going after your dreams will not only inspire yourself but also inspire people around you which is a great secondary effect!

3. You create a positive environment. When you are motivated and excited about pursuing your dreams, you’ll attract other people who have the same values and ambitions. The more you surround yourself with high achievers, the further you’ll go.

4. Makes your life worth living. You will feel the greater purpose of your life as soon as you take that step towards your dreams. You will get the energy and positivity that your life were missing.

5. To get a feeling of accomplishment. Following your dreams will lift your confidence and you will enjoy the excitement and the adrenaline that comes from doing something you always wanted to do! You have to admit, a life without dreams would be depressing! Following your dreams is all about creating a life that you always wanted. What would life be without excitement and joy?

6. You only live once! The number one reason for pursuing your dreams is that life truly is too short to live a unhappy and mediocre one! There is an end to every life, so why spending your days doing something that you don’t love?

Going after your dreams starts with planning and setting goals. It’s about taking that first little step!

How will you take the first steps towards following your dreams?

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