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How To Get Ahead In Your Career with Life Coach Robb Thompson

Get your Total Life Makeover Course that covers seven areas of a persons life here:

Robb Thompson, You Might Say “Who Is That”? I’ve Asked Myself This Since I Was Young, I Spent Many Years In Learning And Researching… And Now My Job Is To Create A Life Of Prosperity Not For Myself But For Others, And I Offer In Every Way I Can My Time And My Faith To You. I Have Built Up From My Mistakes And My Successes And Now I Can Offer Them To You… Thank You For Watching And I Look Forward To Your Growth And Your Personal Expansion, So Follow Along With Me…

When You Think About Things You Need For Your Career To Thrive, You May Think You Need A List Of Great Professional Contacts… Here Is A List Of Things I Thrive On To Get Ahead In All Areas Of Life…

1. Good Work Relationships

2.Positive Energy- Think In Terms Of Solutions, Not Problems (Talk About Having A Good Network Of Positive People That Are Going Somewhere)

3.Be Passionate-Become Excited About What You’re Doing… Not Just About Where You Think You’re Going… Your Performance, Focus On What You Do That Is Right, Do Not Focus On Your Problems


4.Selflessness- Practice @ It… Be An Encouragement, Care, Recognition

5.Having A Strong Work Ethic
a.Challenge The Negative Beliefs You Have About Yourself. Instead Of Focusing All Your Energy On What You Don’t Like About You, Give Equal Weight To All Your Positive Qualities.

b.Focus On Past Successes Rather Than Failures. Don’t Dwell On What You’ve Done Incorrectly. Think About All The Things You’ve Done Right In The Past. Reinforce These Thoughts Repeatedly.


c.You Don’t Need To Be Right All The Time. Understand There Is Nothing Shameful About Past Work Mistakes And Admittance…

d.Stop Looking To Others For Acceptance And Happiness. Realize That You Don’t Need Anyone’s Approval For Your Own Self-Confidence.


e.Let Go Of Any Anger You’re Holding On To. Anger And Resentment Will Prove A Significant Barrier To Your Becoming A Leader At Work.

So, Get Out There… Find Networking Events To Go To And Get Around The Right People… People That Want To Take You Somewhere! Thank

Get your Total Life Makeover Course that covers seven areas of a persons life here:

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