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Real Estate Q&A

In this Show

Every Friday at 12 PM EST Grant Cardone comes to you to talk to you about your business, your career and your finances. He is your self-anointed mentor, the Godfather of Business and Real Estate bringing raw insight to making your dreams a reality.

Grant doesn’t know anyone who doesn’t love to go out and look at land and real estate. No one.

Every second Friday of the month Grant does a show on Real Estate. Today he’s going to take calls and answer any questions on anything related to real estate acquisitions, sales and getting your money right.

You want real estate that pays you, not real estate that you pay for.

Don’t buy a home. Rent.

Here are some questions from the episode:

Question: Living in a duplex, when do you make the exit?
Answer: A) Never, B) Refinance, C) Sell the Property

Question: How to handle a buyer?
Answer: If someone is looking for a single-family home show them what they want and throw one multi-family in and tell them it’s just for them to consider their options.

For the rest of the questions and answers, listen or watch the whole show here.

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