How a Real Estate Investor Gets Paid – Keith Weinhold

With real estate, people often don’t understand how an investor is paid. I mean, stocks historically provide an annual rate of return of about 10% and are low hassle.

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Comparatively, real estate values historically only return about 5% annual appreciation…and with more hassle! Right?

So then how can real estate be a good investment? Once you know the answer to this question and act, wealth creation begins. I’ll start showing you how right now.

See…real estate investors commonly earn total rates of return of 30% to 40% annually. Or much, much more. Most importantly, this is often done passively as a property manager looks after the property and sends you the check – mailbox money!

Well, wait a second. How does a 5% return from appreciation commonly convert to rates of return of 30% to 40% or more? Understanding this is key.

Because a great rate of return is what we want. We want to do more with less.

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