Rain or Shine, I’m going to get mine

Did your parents ever tell you to stay inside when it’s raining, to wait, to let the storm pass before going out to play? I’m here to tell you that you’re not going to get sick in the rain, you will get rich in the rain. Your mama gave you wrong information. She said, “Don’t go out in the rain!” that gave you a mindset to make excuses to stay in and do nothing. Too many people use rainy days as a way to put things off. When it rains, make things happen!

When I was a teenager we lived in a 1400-square foot home with 6 people. Before my dad passed, he said to me I need to do 3 things:

  1. Get an Education

  2. Learn How to Sell

  3. Invest in Real Estate

I didn’t invest in real estate until my 30’s, but I was out every weekend for years looking at properties before I finally invested. Rain or shine, I looked at deals. Even today I’m looking at new deals—just this past week I was in Houston and it was pouring. People were telling me I should just wait and look the next day after the rain finished. Why would a waste a day because of some water?

Why am I in the rain?

I’m in the rain looking at real estate. Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean I can’t get work done. Rain or shine, get you where you need to be.

Look to your future, not at the weather. Don’t make excuses during the week to NOT do things because of a few raindrops. If you let some stormy clouds influence your production, you will never accumulate massive wealth.

It doesn’t have to be the rain, by the way. I know plenty of people who make excuses not to work because the sun is shining with blue skies. They would rather get out and enjoy the nice day than do their duties.

Success is your duty, responsibility, and obligation—no matter the weather.

If you are ready to stop all excuses and you’re ready to get rich, get started on your journey today with my Millionaire Booklet—FREE.

Be great,

– GC

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