Quit Trying to Protect Your Kids from Disappointment

Do you remember when you told your parents about that unbelievable thing you would accomplish in your life? They listened to you for a while and maybe even gave you a bit of encouragement, “You can do anything, Johnnie!” And then they followed it up with, “But remember we love you just the way you are.”

I always hated hearing that last little piece because I knew what it meant. My parents weren’t fooling me and never could. It meant that they didn’t really believe that I could accomplish that thing and didn’t want me to be disappointed. Parents, you aren’t fooling your kids.

And by the way, what are you trying to protect them from when you add “but remember we love you either way”? Are you worried they may be disappointed because they set their goals too high? Oh my, what might happen to them if they set their goals so high and never achieve them? Their little lives will be destroyed! They will be so ruined and unhappy. Knock it off. Remember that by the time they do or don’t do what they are dreaming about they will be the same size as you.

Let your kids set goals that are massive and dreams that are impossible.

I would rather be disappointed going for it than disappointed for not going for it. Look, the only chance of living a big life is to dream big. Just tell them, “You can do anything and I believe in you!” Quit trying to protect your kids from disappointment just get behind their dreams.

Let me know which dreams you had that your parents tried to protect you from in the comments below.

Grant Cardone

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