Quit Being a Dummy and Turn Your Life Around

I admit to being a dummy. The truth is I was a dummy for years. It showed up in the decisions I made, the actions that I took, and the lack of fruit that my life produced. If there was a picture of a dummy in the dictionary, there would have to be a profile pic of Grant Cardone at the age of 24. Unable to help myself, I certainly couldn’t care for, or help, anybody else.

It came to a point where I was either going to die a dummy or turn my life around.  

How do you spot a dummy? How do you know if you are being one? Look for these 10 clues…

  1. You challenge authority, but won’t challenge yourself.
  2. You waste weekdays by get wasted on the weekends.
  3. You act like a know it all when you know nothing at all.
  4. You talk more than you listen.
  5. You criticize more than you create.
  6. You never have time for anything productive, but make time for everything that isn’t.
  7. You blame your situation on everything except yourself. 
  8. You don’t trust anyone because you can’t trust yourself.
  9. You hate on successful people and refuse to act like a success.
  10. You think you’re too young, too old, too broke, the wrong color, gender….

Are you being a dummy?

Dummies have an endless list of excuses in life.

In order to start turning things around, here are two tips to put into practice immediately:

1. Quit wasting weekends

I remember I used to play volleyball every weekend. Look, volleyball isn’t bad—it can actually be quite fun on occasion, but you shouldn’t be spending time doing anything weekly if your finances are a complete mess. I would struggle to pay $275 rent for a little apartment I was living in, and I would spend more time and energy on the weekend hitting a little white ball over a net than trying to get out of financial slavery.

Forget TGIF, people live for Fridays when they lack purpose. It means the golden 48-hour window opens for them to “relax” and “take it easy”. If you aren’t a millionaire you have no business taking weekends off. The moment I committed to success and quit wasting my weekends was the moment I stopped being a dummy.

2. Quit getting wasted

Drugs are often not the only problem. If you just take the drugs away, you won’t have the life you want. You need to turn your money situation around, too. You can’t help someone else if you can’t help yourself, and getting wasted is doing nobody any good; including yourself.

Keep in mind it’s not just getting off something, it’s about turning your life around. You want to get off the booze, get off the weed, get off the drugs, and instead, do something productive. Once I quit getting wasted, I had the ability to study my craft and become a true sales professional.

Comment below about the dummy moves you’ve made in your life, and what you’ve done to turn things around.

One of the reasons I’m putting on 10XGrowthCon 2018 is to help people avoid making dummy mistakes, but also to help get you on the right path to huge success in your life.

This is a massive 3-day event in Las Vegas next February and we are already 90% sold out of our $495 General Admission tickets… once these sell out, the next level ticket is $5,000.

Be great,


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