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If you read many of my articles, you’ll notice I often end them with “be great”. What does it mean to be great? Great is defined as an ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average; excellently, very well. Are you great? As I work to build a strong, solid, network of friends and colleagues, I do so with the understanding that the people who I ultimately decide to surround myself with will impact my bottom line. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they making you great?

The greats invest in networking, community, and building relationships. Great people know that obscurity—the idea of not being known—is their biggest problem. The greats solve the obscurity problem by getting attention. You must make yourself known. No product will do it by itself. Get involved in politics, get involved in the Chamber of Commerce. Whether it be churches or schools, get involved in your community. Go where people are and solve the problem of obscurity.

Surround yourself with over-achievers and make little time for others. Sound harsh? Do you want to be great today? You have to avoid “good enough”. And you have to avoid average like the plague. If you want to be a great performer, push away average performers and don’t accept average performance. Come early, stay late, and go the extra mile. Be relentless with your battle plans.

The first step to being great is to surround yourself with great people, but networking alone will never get you to greatness. You must take massive actions as well. What matters is not how you feel but how much action you can take in life. That’s the only thing that matters today. In The 10X Rule, I talk a lot about actions—but if you noticed in the book I always said “actions”, not action. This is because you never take just one action—ever. Even if you did the perfect action to get the deal closed, you still need another deal. Do something over and over and over again because you aren’t going to figure out how to do something right until you do it a bunch.

When I started my first business I was out selling something nobody believed in but me. I told so many people, so often, about this new thing, that one day everybody else started believing in what I was telling them. I used to imagine when I was in my office that a 10-year old was watching how I worked. Are you working hard? Or would the 10-year-old think you are lazy with you just organizing your desk and hanging out? A business plan will not make you money. A business plan doesn’t make a business work—actions do. Be the example today of someone who takes high levels of action.

Massive action leads to greatness.

Besides surrounding yourself with great people AND taking massive actions, you need one more thing to be great—commitment. You must commit yourself, your energy, and your resources to something. Whether you title yourself a career salesperson or not, you’d better get it to your core that your success depends solely on this skill—to sell—and then you better commit fully to learning it. You have to convince yourself that this skill is the thing you have to learn in order to get your way in life and is where you are going to make your riches.

Eliminate any and all other options and devote yourself completely to learning everything you can about the topic. I become a fanatic. I am 100% absorbed, all-in, obsessed, a Super Freak! I stop questioning, planning, over-thinking and get in all the way. I discontinue looking at other options. Don’t be the guy who keeps looking in everyone else’s lawn to see how the grass is greener “over there.” That’s the same guy who never commits to taking care of the lawn he already has. Be devoted.

If you haven’t already, let today be your first day to commit to greatness. Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow. Greatness is not easy or everybody would already be great. You have to start surrounding yourself with the right people, take massive actions, and be incredibly devoted to achieving greatness in your life. What you see is average because most people don’t want to pay the price today. If you want ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average, then start by taking massive actions, networking with the right crowd, and having commitment to the point that people label you “obsessed”.

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