Publish & Profit – How To Easily Write A Book & Make A Ton Of Money From It – Greatness Quest

Writing and profiting from a book is something ANYONE can EASILY do. The world has changed… No longer is writing a book an exclusive and arduous task for only especially talented writers, novelists and academics. Nor is it something that only offers a slim chance of making a sizable profit.

Trevor Crane interviews Mike Koenigs, (best selling author, entrepreneur and cancer surviver) for the secrets he’s used to help over 500 people publish their book and to how to profit by leveraging THEIR NEW BOOK into highly lucrative businesses.

In the last 22 months, Koenigs has authored 7 best-selling books in a row, 3 of which he wrote while he was going through CANCER treatments. Known as one of the ‘New Money Masters’, Trevor interviews Koenigs about how he followed-up those best selling books, with 12 consecutive multi-million-dollar online product launches.

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