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How to Program AI to Sell for You Online – Tim Clark

In this Show

When you program artificial intelligence you get the following:

* Get information
* Place an order
* Provide feedback

For example, a salesperson at a car dealership needs sales training:

* Customer: I need help making this sale
* Alexa: No problem! Do you need help with follow-up, inventory, or closing?
* Customer: Closing
* Alexa: What type of close: Price, Time, Product, or Stall
* Customer: Stall
* Alexa: I understand that stalls can be frustrating! Here are some techniques to use when a customer stalls during closing, by Grant Cardone

There are 2 outcomes:
* You use this technology to revolutionize your industry
* Your competitions uses this technology to revolutionize your industry

Tim Clark is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and can integrate a conversational bot for your business, mobile app or website. To learn more, visit or call 904-400-0846.

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