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How to Eliminate Procrastination – Young Hustlers

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Action will always win over thinking. I guarantee that your problems that you have right now are not because of your age, it’s because of waiting. If I fail, at least I swung the bat. I don’t care about ROI. I care more about actions. Always swing the bat. You don’t go down from swinging. Babe Ruth struck out many times more than he hit a home run. You’re not suffering because you’re taking too much action—you don’t take enough action. Frequency of actions is what gets you proximity to success. Procrastination costs money, doubt, and self-esteem. A lot of people spend time thinking about ROI. They want to do research. Have you ever thought about the best things that happen to you in your life? Were they researched or did they happen naturally? Do you become a father before you were a father? Do you become successful before you’re successful? You learn these things after you do them. You correct and make changes during the actions. You’re Spending Too Much Time Thinking! How many people pass on their first decisions? You don’t want to add time to your decisions. Speed wins, not logic. Operate with urgency. Life happens today, not sometime in the future. Shorten your perspective and take more actions. I would rather scream about something that’s not right than something that doesn’t exist yet. If I need my team to put up a new webpage, I don’t want to talk about it for days. I want to get it up and start promoting immediately. Sure there will be problems, but we’ll figure it out as we go!

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