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Problems are Opportunities

In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone, a powerhouse couple, tackle the issues of balancing business, marriage, family and how to 10X them all. They are committed to success and sharing their strategies with you—and you can watch them LIVE every Wednesday at 1 PM EST where they illustrate their motto of “Stick and stay is bound to pay.”

Today they are addressing ‘problems’ and how most of them are common to all of us. These problems don’t need to be setbacks, and they discuss how to turn them instead into opportunities. When you have recurring problems, there is a common piece that you can turn into a way to succeed where you had previously failed.

Here is how we handle them:
1. Embrace all problems as opportunities
2. Confront and Conquer
3. Trade your old little problems for new big ones

Grant has had a problem with his 3-year old daughter, Scarlet, where she plays a game with him and pouts to control him. He realized the problem recently and reversed his point of view on it to stop being angered and instead take the chance to connect with her.

Problems you can turn into opportunities:
• No time with my spouse
• My drive to work is too long
• I hate my boss/job
• Not enough income
• I am bored with my life
• I’m out of shape
• Can’t grow my business
• Can’t grow my brand
• I can’t find the right partner
• The economy
• My family doesn’t want me to succeed

Think of something that has been a problem for you for 10 years. What are you doing to cause the problem? Are you broke? Is it because enough money is coming in? Is it debt? Is it spending? Confront all of the angles and conquer them. Change them so that they become an opportunity for growth.

Listen or watch the full episode to hear all of the solutions Elena and Grant provide you and their callers.

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