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How to Sell a Home Fast – Chad and Sandi Neumann

Chad’s heading to a friend’s house to help him list his home for sale. Ride along as he shares some tips for preparing the home to sell.

First, Chad suggests you start boxing up your belongings. (You gotta do it anyway, right?) But doing it now helps the buyer visualize the home as his own. This is important. People don’t always remember what they see, but they do remember how they feel. If he looks around and sees your family’s photos and your style of décor, he’s going to feel more like an intruder than the new homeowner. Help him mentally move in. And soon you’ll need to start packing for real.

Second, remove other obstacles in the buyer’s mind. Like painting. If your walls are covered in YOUR favorite colors (anything that’s not a neutral color), consider painting. Chad always says, paint is $20 in the can, but can be worth thousands on the walls! Remove the notion that a buyer has to “come in and re-do everything.” This idea will bring low offers.

Third, puh-lease replace the air filter! You’d be surprised how many savvy buyers will check you’re A/C filter to see what kind of homeowner you are. A clean filter gives the impression that you’ve taken good care of your home over the years. You pay attention to upkeep and home maintenance. This is a valuable first impression you want to have with the person who will be negotiating price and repairs with you.

Fourth, check your automatic garage door. Does is squeak, creak, or operate slowly? Again, this is trigger in a buyer’s mind. It makes them wonder what other repairs or upkeep have fallen by the wayside.

Fifth, pressure wash the outside. Paint if necessary. And add fresh mulch. We love red mulch because it really pops!

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