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Premiere: Return to Sunday Glory with Donovin Darius

In this Show

At the head of the massive shift to digital media, the Grant Cardone Network was founded by Grant Cardone to provide news and solutions for entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and success-minded people. Cardone is a best selling author, TV & Radio personality and self-made entrepreneur and American Patriot Warrior for the Middle Class. Grant’s content and network shows garner a massive audience. On YouTube alone, Grant’s content has been viewed 36,669,405+ times, with 260,841+ subscribers. The network is supported by a social platform of over 4 million people, with a viewership of 89% men between the ages 25-34.

As a renowned professional speaker, author, and 10 year NFL player, Donovin Darius has risen to international prominence by delivering passionate and inspiring messages to his many clients. After 10 successful years in the NFL, Darius developed city-wide corporate and community events that empowered others to maximize their potential. He went on to win a Sports Emmy Award, and also founded his own nonprofit organization for underprivileged youth and adults in Jacksonville, FL. Along with speaking, he founded a personal development company, Donovin Darius Enterprises, LLC, that provides motivational materials, workshops, and personal/professional development programs designed for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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