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I’m going to tell you about an unstoppable game today. It’s called affordable housing. I have a saying, “rent one door, own many doors.” If you’re out there flipping homes, if you’re buying shopping centers, if you’re buying a house, this message is for you. I’m going to predict the future of real estate.

Retail malls will get crushed—Malls are going to bear the brunt of changes in retail. First it’s going to be the strip centers, the little strip centers with the Radio Shacks. 5 years ago the Radio Shacks started failing. What happens when they empty out? Radio Shacks not there anymore, so who comes in now? Maybe a Burger joint?

Maybe a telecom place—a Sprint. Maybe a Starbucks, don’t you wish? Then it starts speading to the bigger malls. The JC Penny’s, the Macy’s, the Sears, the Dick’s Sporting Goods. This started 15 years ago with Blockbuster. Some of you may not even remember Blockbuster. What happens when hundreds of feet of well-located space become available? I pay $40 a square foot for my office space right now. What happens when 20,000 square feet empties out at Dick’s Sporting Goods? When retailers began failing everywhere, it won’t be $15 per square foot like they rent now, you will be able to get it for like $1.

So those who invest in office spaces will get slammed once retail fails on a mass scale. Oh, and who lent money to all those people? Now the banks get smashed. The only safe haven will be in multi family affordable housing. If you’re interested in investing with me go to

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  • Dusty Cady

    preach it brotha

  • Anthony Aires Gomes

    Hey guys how do we call in to ask questions

  • Brian McHugh

    Great Show, Spot on Predictions. Many people watching may not know much about becoming an Accredited Investor. Not just the income and holding amounts, but the process to become Accredited. Thanks for the material and generosity. I am a playbook owner. Highly recommended to the callers asking about $20k investments strategies. At that point, you need to keep saving. You are not ready to make a significant move yet. Work your flows and increase!

  • Harry Cohen

    Great show! Thanks Uncle G and Captain! I would like to invest!

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