Positivity: A Manifesto

The world is quite negative today—turn on the media and all you hear about are the latest shootings. There’s too much noise out there that will bring you down, get you angry, and distract you from your goals. Stay positive today. Change your attitude with your thoughts and your words. What do you say to yourself when you talk to yourself? What do you say to other people? What you think and what you say amounts to your attitude.

Highly successful people have positive attitudes. How do you change your attitude? I have days that are worse than others. I have days that I’m at work and I don’t want to be at work. How do you change your attitude? Produce something. Any level of production will change someone’s attitude. If you don’t like the world around you CREATE something POSITIVE to make it the world you want to live in.

The idea of having goals and dreams, exercising, eating right, and the idea of knowing where you are going will change your attitude. But what will change your attitude forever is what you think. Why is that? What you think and what you do shifts your attitude. Go make a sale, complete a task, make a phone call, go handle something you’ve been putting off, produce almost anything at any level and you’ll feel better. Production is the basis for morale. This is the formula for a great attitude.

Positive Thought + Positive Language + Positive Action = A Great Attitude

The more positive thought, the more positive language, the more positive actions—the more positive the attitude. I want to avoid any low esteem events. Anything you don’t feel good about don’t do. The language that you use creates the attitude that you have. Everybody talks to themselves. We all have multiple personalities. “Hey, do I need to be here?” “Where else can I be?” “How can I be more productive?” “Business is bad.” These are things we all say to ourselves.

What do we say to others? Get a journal and write down every negative thought or comment you have. You’ll see why you are battling staying up. Ever hear this—garbage in garbage out? The language you use is created by the thoughts that you have. If you think it, you’ll say it, then you’ll do it. This is why so many people try and change behavior and it doesn’t last. If you don’t change your thought process, you won’t change your verbal process, and you won’t change your actions.

You need to have a good attitude folks, and a good attitude comes from good production. The more you produce the better your attitude will be. Me writing this article today creates a good attitude—I become positive. Me watching TV and all the problems in the world will not create a good attitude. How would you respond today if asked the following:

• “How are you doing?”
• “How’s your business?”
• “How was your weekend?”
• “Hey what’s been going on?”
• “Have you met anyone interesting lately?”
• “What are you doing this weekend?”
• “What do you think of this weather right now?”

These are questions you are asked every day. What would be your first response you’d normally give? Every day you choose to answer these questions in a certain way because you think about them in a certain way. You answer them the way you think. How you think causes what you say and what you say is what you do, and what you do creates production or lack of production.

Do you think highly successful people with great attitudes, when asked how their weekend was, reply, “It was ok,” or, “It was the same old same old”? No, the people that answer that way are mundane. “Alright, it’s ok, so-so, nothing special”. Then they wonder why their life isn’t exciting. I want adventure in my life. I want excitement. I want to feel good. Your entire life is created by your thoughts—and then by your language. Start using language that is different. Start using the language highly successful people use. “Great, super, wonderful, incredible, excellent”. Those are the words you want.

How was your weekend? It was a blast. That’s my self-talk. What language do you use? The language you have is created by the thoughts you have. Get on Cardone University and I will help change the way you think, get you more productive, and jack your income up. Change what you think and then change what you say. Start getting positive today.

Be great,



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