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Results. We all seem to want them, yet we all already have them. The problem arises in light of the fact that we typically are not satisfied with the results we have. To have a discussion surrounding results, we must first understand and define what results are. The dictionary defines Result as: “something that happens as a consequence or outcome.” Like words are: by-product, aftermath, aftereffect, and even consequence. Result comes from the Latin resultare which means to “jump backwards” or “rebound” and was often used figuratively to describe the word consequence. There’s that word again; consequence. It seems since the 17th century, the word “result” has been synonymous with the word “consequence”. But aren’t consequences bad? They can be. But what if a consequence could be good too? And if there is such a concept as both good and bad concepts, what if we knew exactly how to control the outcome so that our future holds only good consequences and avoids bad ones? We could design our own lives by the second!  

So, let’s be hypothetical. Let’s say there are good and bad consequences and let’s say there is some method, that if followed, could create an outcome where only good consequences exist. How would we get there? The first thing we’d need is a clear, concise mental picture on what it is we want to have. What is the consequence we’d like to obtain? Unanimously, we can agree that we all want to have “a life by design”, right? So, let’s go with that! If we are trying to obtain a life by design, what are the things we need to exchange with our lives, such that we can have enough control to design life itself for ourselves? Really, “life by design” means freedom of time and what we choose to do with that time is what we choose to design our lives with. So, life by design = freedom of time. So, what do we need to exchange with our lives in return for freedom of time? Food? Nope. Love? Nope. Time? Nope. Worship? Nope. Service? Nope. (We can do this all day but I’ll get to the point.) Money? Yes! The only thing that can be exchanged for time is money. You see, we live on an economic planet, whether we like that fact or not. Money will not buy us new time and it will prevent us from having to spend the time we currently don’t have on things that aren’t a priority. So, if money must be exchanged for time, the next question is how much? Well how much time do you want? Personally, I want as much time as possible. The logical answer is we must exchange as much money as possible to get as much freedom of time as possible.  

Now let’s stop for a short lesson in economics. In 1913, $1 was equivalent to $24 today. So that means money has gone down over 2400% in the last 100 or so years! That means our money is going down by roughly 3.15% in value every single year. Now what about time? We don’t know how much of it we will continue to have and we cannot get back the time we already spent. Doesn’t this mean that time continues to go UP exponentially in value by the second? Wait…let me get this straight…we can trade money, something that goes down in value exponentially, in exchange for time, something that goes up in value exponentially, and there is no limit to how much of this exchange we can make? Where do we sign up?! 

Now to make this exchange, you must have the product (money), that time requires from us. To acquire the amount of money needed, we need to look at a concept called Be-Do-Have. To have money, what do we need to do? Well, we’d have to get it from someone. To get it from someone, what do we need to do? Well if we have integrity (if you’re reading this you do) we’d have to exchange them something of value for it. To exchange something of value what must we do? Well, we must have something of value to exchange. Do you see how you could continually reduce this into a step by step process until you knew for certain what you very next step was and what all the steps afterwards would be? This is called clarity! And clarity is power! 

To Do these things, we’d need to know what we must Have. What kinds of tools, people, and systems would be needed? Well, we already know that we need to make an exchange of value with someone else and this means we must have value that we can exchange. We must have a plan to deliver it to them, right? You must Have a Wealth Coach. Someone who is going to hold you accountable, help you find your correct answers, and help you create a written plan. This is where my company comes in! A.G. Capital Group is a wealth coaching company. We help our clients find their correct answers, help our clients develop a written plan, and then hold them accountable. We are the very best at what we do! 

Lastly, and most importantly, we would need to know what type of person we’d need to Be to achieve our goals. We must first and fundamentally be someone who really wants to achieve them, wouldn’t we? We’d need to be willing to put the work in. We’d need to be willing to pay the price. We’d need to be willing to fail and willing to succeed. We’d need to be someone who always gives more than they take anytime we make one of the exchanges. As your new coach, the thing I need you to be, is this: I need you to be someone who has a goal that is universes bigger than yourself. I intend to coach clients that want to earn millions of dollars so they can give millions of dollars away. I intend to coach clients that have a passion and a purpose that will continue to burn long after they achieve their financial goals. I intend to have clients who have financial goals in place to fulfill non-financial desires.  

Now, I ask you, are you ready to Be who you are meant to BeDo what you are meant to Do, and Have what you are meant to Have? I’m ready if you are. Get your Wealth Creation Formula. Create Freedom.  


Own Your Potential! 

Jerry Fetta 


Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential. 



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