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Supplement your content with awesome graphics that take them from mere words to an attention-grabbing combination. Give your content the punch it needs to be seen in a world with so much content.


Check out these graphic images to see what kinds of graphics you can create.

Infographics are great when you want to communicate content that is longer than a quote or a little more complicated. This is because you have an opportunity to show visuals that help explain what you are talking about.


Marketing Tip: Create different styles of infographics depending on the kind of content you are sharing. The visuals must line up with the content in order for it to all make sense.

Ad graphics, which is basically what this piece of the infographic is, lets you communicate a short message to your followers in an appealing way. You can write quotes, tips, promotional messages, or anything you want. And you can post this kind of graphic on all sorts of platforms.


Marketer Tip: Don’t just make graphics that are geared towards selling. Make graphics that communicate useful or helpful messages to your followers.

GIFs are great because they move and literally reach out to catch your follower’s attention. You can use gifs from a TV show or movie, animated gifs, or gifs that rapidly file through a series of images. You can write text in the gif, or just make a great status that explains it.


Marketer Tip: Don’t just post gifs about the company. Post gifs that reference an upcoming holiday or another sentiment that is trending.


The quality of your graphics can set you apart from your competitors. It can draw eyes in a sea of Instagram images with generic stock photos.


If you don’t have the resources to make your own graphics, don’t worry! Pixel506 has the talent that can take your visual content strategy and make it amazing.


Check out our website at http://pixel506.com/ to check us out and get started.

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