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Convince Your Customers To Buy With Content, Part 1: Articles and Blogs

In the last posts, we talked about video content options, but today we are going to talk about written content. Written content can come in the form of articles for a blog or website, posts on social media, infographics and other graphics.


Written content is still a standard for getting your message to people. If people have a question about something, a lot of them look it up. When you search on Google, it shows you written material first and video content next, so it’s definitely worth it to get your ideas written down.


Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of different kinds of written content and how they communicate your brand.


Articles and Blogs


Want to write something that people will actually find, especially in search engine results?


Writing articles give you the chance to spend good time on a piece and make it sound beautiful, elegant, forceful, or whatever you are going for. They are good for explaining things, defending things, or listing the pros and cons of things…like we are doing here.


This is a huge benefit of articles- there are so many channels you can post on. You can post them in your company’s personal blog, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr or  link them to Facebook and LinkedIn.


It takes time creating and editing a great article. And if your content isn’t really interesting or well written, or is too long, you’ll lose readers really fast.


Pixel506 Can Write Content for You

We love helping companies with their content marketing and social media strategies. Need blog posts, but don’t have the time or ability to do them yourself? Give us a shout. We can help.


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