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Build Engagement with Video Marketing: Part 3- How-To Videos

Video content is becoming more and more popular these days. If you scroll through Facebook, you’ll see the majority of content, especially from companies and organizations, is in video form. You want to get started with your own videos, but you don’t know how to start. What kinds of video content can I create?

Video content can go three different ways- posed, impromptu, and how-to videos.


To end this mini series, let’s talk about the third, and most recently trending, kind of video marketing:

How-To Videos


I am talking about the recently trendy videos where people cook something, make something, or explain something using their hands and props. People’s faces are almost never shown in these videos and any audio is usually dubbed over or excluded entirely.


These videos work best when you want to show how to do something, as in the case of Tasty and similar brands. They also work well when someone is drawing or writing on a surface like a whiteboard in order to explain something.


Most of these videos are posted first to YouTube, then linked to Facebook.


You need to be really organized in order to successfully execute this video strategy. You need a high quality video recorder and a plan of what you are going to do, as well as stellar editing skills.

Which one?

You must know your audience- what content they like, where they frequent, and how formal or fun you should be. And you should think about what resources you have available and how good you are with those resources. Nothing makes us cringe more than obviously poorly filmed videos. Once you have a list of topics and characteristics of your audience, you can find the right match.

Why choose just one?

Mix and match for different kinds of topics and audiences! Video as a great, engaging way to communicate with our audiences. Have fun with it! Experiment! But you just have to get started.

Video Content Takeaways

  1. Posed Videos: More formal. Used for clear explanations.
  2. Impromptu Videos: More casual. Used for opinions and promotions.
  3. How To Videos: More fun. Used for instructions and DIY content.

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