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3 Ways To Catch Customer’s Attention And Convert Them, Part 1

Beyond the Blog

Written content is found everywhere, from blogs to subtitles, and is found absolutely everywhere. Here, we are going to talk when written content meets graphic design. Your goal is to catch attention on social media, and graphics are a great way to do it.



Infographics are a fun way to show what you mean, instead of just saying it or writing it down. We use infographics to explain what things are, give tips, and show their benefits. We’re making an infographic of the Takeaways at the end of this article, to give you an idea.


Fun, interesting, eye-catching, informative, and a great way communicate longer messages.


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. There are lots of options here, especially if you create a couple versions of your infographic to fit in the different layout requirements of these channels.


Infographics take time. They also take graphic designers. Of course, there are sites that let you make your own infographics, but having a graphic designer is usually better.

Pixel506 can help you out

We create infographics when we need to express medium-length content, content that is longer than a graphic, but less than an article. Do you need to make high quality graphics? We can help you out.


Check out our graphic design on our instagram page at @pixel506official or our Facebook at @pixel506


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