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Build Engagement with Video Marketing: Part 1- Formal, Produced Videos

Video content is becoming more and more popular these days. If you scroll through Facebook, you’ll see the majority of content, especially from companies and organizations, is in video form. You want to get started with your own videos, but you don’t know how to start. What kinds of video content can I create?

Video content can go three different ways- formal, impromptu, and how to videos.


Here we will talk about the first option:

Formal Videos


Posed videos are ones where you write out a script and set up a location. You put effort into filming, producing, and editing. The final product is a polished video.


These videos are great for explaining how things work, defining things, or showing an interview or panel. They are great for these more complex explanations because you can go back and edit the video for clarity and continuity. You can also edit graphics over the video so that people can get the most important ideas, and to aid understanding.


Posed videos are best when posted first to YouTube, and later to other channels like Facebook. You can also include them in your website to give a more personal, yet formal, feel.


Posed videos can feel stiff, especially if the speaker isn’t comfortable being recorded, or talking from a script. You also have to be really careful that they aren’t boring. They take more effort, planning, and resources.

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