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3 Ways To Catch Customer’s Attention And Convert Them, Part 3

If you are looking to attract potential customer’s attention like a pro, then movement is always a great way to do it. Videos are wonderful at engaging users, but often people don’t have time to watch your video. Our advice is to mix GIFs into it.



GIFs come in three types. There are GIFs that are short, repeating clips from TV shows and movies. Another kind are animated graphics with some movement. And then there are GIFs that are made up of rapidly shifting images. Whatever the case, GIFs include interesting visuals and movement.


GIFS are great because they move and literally reach out and grab your audience’s attention. You can use GIFs to play with numbers, like statistics or percentages. If your brand is geared towards younger, modern audiences, you can play with emotions with GIFs. If you want to catch attention on social media, GIFs are a great way to do it.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Just make sure you’ve used a platform, like GIPHY, to create the GIF so that the movement works well.


Make sure your internet is good enough for your target audience so that GIFs don’t get stuck! And make sure there is some reason for your GIFs or it will confuse your audience.

Don’t have the resources for this?

This kind of project takes resources. You need people who can write and people who can design digital graphics. Some people can do both, but those people are few and far between. If you are interested in this kind of strategy, but don’t have one or all of these resources, we can help you out!

We can handle your graphic advertising strategy. We also routinely lend team members to fulfill one resource. Maybe you have a designer but not a good copywriter. Or maybe you have the right message, but no one to turn it into a graphic. Let us know. Let’s get started.

How to Catch Attention on Social Media:

  1. Infographics: Fun and catchy. Use for explanations, definitions, and comparisons.
  2. Ad Graphics: Endless creative possibility. Use for ads and promotions.
  3. GIFS: Entertaining and unique. Use for statistics, fun messages, and to show emotions.


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