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Control Your Pitch

In this Show

Today’s episode is the “pitch show” where Grant Cardone and Todd Straugh offer tips and demonstrate how to perfect your pitch.

When you build the perfect pitch, it’s important to figure out how to be impactful in 20 seconds—without using any conversational etiquette. A great pitch disregards conversation and social protocols. Don’t waste time on introductions or even mentioning the name of your company. The purpose is to be remembered for that one unique thing you can do.

Tune-in and watch Grant get pitched and critique those who attempt to pitch the Godfather of Sales.

Here are some important tips to perfect your pitch:
1. Clarify your goal
2. Ask for attention
3. Make it sticky
4. Determine the decision maker
5. Get it right

Remember, this is a pitch–not a conversation. It needs to be hard, fast and loaded with confidence.

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