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So many, so many options out there to pick from, every agency with the promise of success, conversions, CTR (click through rate), CPC, CPA, all this information the business owner is not concerned with.  The business owner is concerned with visibility, sales and expansion. As an agency 10X Productions is focused exactly on this.


When picking the right agency to work with I often equate this consideration back to working with a particular company of any kind. Grant Cardone often talks about looking the products that are being produced by that particular company and organization.  What is it that they are producing and more importantly are they in exchange with you the business owner and client?


When 10X Productions was launched it was focused around these central characteristics of an ethical business and company.  We wanted to identify ourselves more than just what is it that would make a business increase their sales and traffic, it was more how do we ensure the longevity of a business, how can we become an addition to what was already in existence?


Every client we work with is given an experience that is more intimate than any other company that I can see out there.  It is not well we could try this, or we suggest this it is a certainty in the air of the employees that service the clients we work with.  


Ask yourself of company you employ, especially in the advertising space, because there are many that exist out there, how fast do they respond to my concerns?  Do they respond at all? Are they actively trying to make a difference for my company? Do they care about my company and my goals? Are they doing everything in their power to be in exchange with the client every single day?  These are the questions you should be asking yourself when you work with a digital agency, even if it is not 10X Productions. You measure the quality of the service and the delivery of the products to which you were promised and how fast  they delivered to you.


This is more than ROI, if your focus is ROI your focus is too small and too narrow.  Grant Cardone came into one of the meetings that we have with our digital team and elaborated extremely well on the purpose of VOI – Visibility on INVESTMENT.  You can see the video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bES8MsZ0B6Q.


Let’s take a look at this, even we can get lost in the mechanics of how to deliver on a particular client, on what is expected and what is needed, but it is never about the mechanics.  It is truly about how many people can see me, how many people know I exist, how many people per day are seeing my company, the company, your company? This is your biggest problem, this is your biggest dilemma you will have to overcome?


Let me ask you this question, does Coca-Cola, or McDonalds think that placing a billboard on the I-95 in the middle of New Mexico, in the middle of the desert give them ROI?  The reason I bring this up is because I lived in New Mexico for 5 years, Albuquerque specifically and I used to drive into the middle of nowhere. What did I see? Billboards for McDonalds.  What did I think? Man an ice cold Coca-Cola sounds great with those amazing salty french fries. They were top of my mind, and I on my way back into town, I snagged myself a coca-cola and french fries. 10X Productions applies this logic the same way, targeted is extremely effective it narrows down your audience, it narrows the people you are in front of, but you also need the grand exposure, in as many places as possible. Why? Because everyone needs to know you, I don’t care if you are a plumber or fashionista, you need to be visible.


How does this tie into 10X Productions? How does this tie into picking the right digital advertising agency?  The right agency will think with all of this, the right agency will not only take into account the fact that you need to be in front of a specific audience and get you the highest click thru rate they can, and the most amount of leads possible, but they will think bigger than that.


Somewhere along the line there was information introduced into advertising that you turn it on and it works immediately.  I have no idea who put that false data out there, but it is far from the truth. You as the business owner cannot rely on advertising alone as a life line and you should not use it as your final lifeline.  Advertising is an extension of your cold calling, it is an extension of your sales team, not the total answer. I can tell you however it is the biggest answer to falling stats, loss of income, and loss of calls.  


Your Digital Agency should monitor this they need to know what is happening with you and what is happening with your campaign. Your digital agency must and should take interest in the growth and expansion of your company during your campaign.  10X Productions does this, every single day. We track, monitor and get end of day reports that discuss what is happening with the leads being acquired, the commerce sales being made online and if nothing is happening a fast course correction must take place.  If this is not happening, think of who you are working with, think of why would you allow yourself to invest with an unethical company that does not want to take into account the full picture.


The full picture should also include an exchange point.  At 10X Productions we create video advertisements every month for you, we create social media graphics every month for you and we train you every week in an exclusive mastermind available only to those on the program.  Why do we offer this training? It is because we want you to know what is happening, how we think, why we think. So that you can participate as much as us in what is taking place in your campaign, yes we are paid for service and doing the tasks that maybe you the business owner do not have time to do, but we also want to make sure that you know data.  10X Productions does not want you, the client, in mystery. We want you to have the security found in understanding the thought processes we have, the campaigns we build, why we build them and offer you the greatest opportunity to gain simplified knowledge of the advertising space.


This is not a pay us and leave, we want you involved, we give you the understanding necessary to help progress your campaign.  This is done to not only have you think like a marketer or advertiser but give you the perception necessary to understand your business more and how to promote your business more.  There is data that you have that no one else has about your company and while we do in-depth audits of this information there are creative ways that you can learn and develop to enhance your campaign.


10X Productions is interested in the survival of your company and the heavy promotion of what you offer but more importantly we like having you involved.  We like speaking with you and including you. That is what the game is about.


What are you looking for when you hire a digital agency:

  • The products that are created
  • The exchange that takes place between you and the digital agency
  • Are you being shown what is being done
  • Is there an interest in your companies mission
  • Is there a feeling that your best interests are at the heart of digital agency
  • Do they service you
  • Do they respond to you
  • Are they creating for you
  • Are they transparent


These are the best starting points for understanding what type of agency you are working with, what you can expect from working with an organization.  If the agency is doing the above, they are qualified to earn your business regardless of the amount they are asking for. Step outside of the hard business owner for a moment and actually look at what is being presented to you, just observe and make a decision.


The goals of the advertising agency, the communication level of the organization, the involvement of every employee into your campaign is an indicator of the group and their viewpoint on help.  How they view “help” is the biggest factor for you to determine is this agency right for me? 10X Productions is there to offer all of the above mentioned information. We live this, we breathe this and we are there to ensure that your company is given the smoothest way possible to promote your company.

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