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Pick Your Posse

In this Show

Grant and Elena Cardone discuss the affect of the company you keep, and they don’t just mean professional, they’re also talking about your friends. Over the holidays there is a lot of exposure to family you may not see throughout the year, and with that exposure you are exposed to their lack of social graces and boundaries. And as Grant puts is, “they drop in the garbage.”

If you do your ‘due diligence’ with your friends, and by that, they mean paying close attention and taking steps to ensure the quality of the situations you are in, you will see your business and your personal life sync up. Are you critical of your morning coffee from Starbucks? Did the put in the creamer or the vanilla? Imagine if you were that concerned about your friends. You would immediately see a change in the type of people you associate with.

Grant and Elena also take a caller who had $30k stolen from him by a business partner who was, “too good to be true,” and, “was so over the top the positive attitude was intoxicating.”

Picking Your Posse Tips:
1. Wash your hands
2. Do your due diligence on your friends
3. Actions speak louder than words
4. Pay attention to the obvious, don’t be blinded by what you want
5. Be willing to be tough and say things that may make them uncomfortable

And the Cardone duo wants you to remember the most important thing: “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me.” Protect that.

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