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Peter Voogd & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Grant Cardone interviews Peter Voogd, who has been building businesses since he was 15. He has trained 4,500 sales reps, managers, college students, business owners and many others of high level success.

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#1 Thing They Need to Learn: Now matters more than anything. Don’t tell yourself your success lays in the future.

At a young age he was labeled as a problem, claimed to have attention issues and teachers, principles, coaches and other mentors were always putting him in a box. At the age of 14 or 15 eBay came out, and he put up his Air Jordan’s, making a profit. Started buying in bulk and started growing his entrepreneur spirit. He had more money than all of his friends.

Voogd promotes what moves and drives kids to catapult them to success. He shifted his circle of influence to be around the right people and at 22-23 had a 6-figure income and managed a sales team of his own training.

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