Peter Voogd & Hugo Fernandez

The Entrepreneur Grind is a breath of fresh air to the young entrepreneurial world. No bullsh*t, no fluff, no book-based theory, and no sugar coating. Just real-world, focused tactics and hardcore strategies learned from genuine struggles in the trenches and overcoming massive failure.

Peter Voogd, the leading authority for Millennial / Generation Y leadership, will reveal how he went from dead broke to over 6 figures within 6 months in multiple industries. Peter has trained nearly 5,000 entrepreneurs and sales professionals, and built a multi-million dollar business before the age of 26.

Hugo Fernandez, beast, innovator, and dreamer, has worked with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to develop a marketing and brand strategy to dominate in this new economy. As a young up-and-coming digital marketing strategist and branding expert, Hugo Fernandez is on his way to building his own multi-million dollar empire.

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