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Personal Financial Freedom

In this Show

Grant Cardone offers 4 things millennials must do to create financial freedom. Jarrod is on vacation with his girlfriend and Grant starts the show with statistics on salaries in America urging millennials to think about what they are doing to earn money. He explains that there are specific things people must do and continue to do in order to achieve financial freedom. Millennials are burdened with debt, unemployment and lower levels of personal income than the last two generations at the same age. Grant gives all millennials permission to get rich and give the 4 ways to make it happen.

4 Ways To Get Rich
1. Decide you will be rich.
2. Focus on it every day.
3. Follow the money.
4. Stay disciplined with resources (time, money and energy)

Grant takes calls and invites Video Producer Robert Syslo on the show to discuss how he is increasing his income despite being a “creative” type. Rob, 26 offers great insights for other millennials and shares how his thinking shifted since working for Grant Cardone.