Personal Branding — What Are You Known For?

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Joan Rivers had a strong personal brand. She was brash and bold and believed if she was poking fun at you it meant you were relevant. Grant begins the show talking about the time Joan Rivers came to his Hollywood Hills home for an interview on her TruTV show “ How’d You Get So Rich.” Grant shares what he learned about Joan’s work ethic, he amazing attitude and whatever it takes level energy. Her image or “personal brand” was more about her being a line-crossing female comedian with a lot of plastic surgery, with an incredibly strong work ethic, entrepreneurial, persistent and omnipresent. Joan was everywhere! Grant’s asks you, what is your brand? What do you stand for? If you died today, what would people say was your ‘thing’? If you have a business or want to get known in the company you are in you must create a personal brand. Grant offers the clear definition of what a brand is and then breaks it down simply. “Whatever you spend your time doing most is your brand.” He encourages people to ask themselves what they are known for and what do they want to be known for.

Grant also takes callers and helps them get the concept of personal branding sharing the 6 characteristics all powerful brands share:

1. Strong work ethic
2. Dependable
3. Ethical
4. Easily available
5. Trustworthy
6. In the public eye

Grant offers these key things to know about brands.
1) Everyone has one.
2) Your brand is what you do the MOST.
3) Your brand should add value to how people perceive you.

Grant advises spending time on your brand, enhance it and reinforce it every day!

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      The whole DC Metro Area is about to know that I am the DC Car Guy, the Dean of Cars in the Washington, DC Metro area. – Twitter: @DCCarGuy

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  • So right about Joan Rivers. She was incrediblsome hard working not to mention generous. She inspired a lot people and was known for raising money to feed lots of homeless and low income families in New York during the holidays.

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    1.Writing 2. Working 3. Exercising Im thinking of the other 2

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    I think Coke actually tried to rebrand, and failed…. They sky rocketed when they went back to Coke Classic though….. First thought right stick with what wins

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  • I just finished 10X also listen on audio, the whole book is wonderful but the last chapter is helping me because your example of how you worked at getting the TV show, so many principles I can apply to my growing my martial arts business.

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    if it wasnt for Joan i would not have started following you. I looked you up after the episode of howd you get so rich

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  • KAILO Consciousness

    1. Bringing Clarity through Thorough + Detailed Psychic Readings. 2. Telling It Like It Is through Psychic Life Coaching + Psychic Readings. 3. Changing Lives through constant connection: answering questions, teaching, spreading guidance/tips/insight/bog posts/videos/etc. 4. Building an image through design: websites/ads/logos/Pinterest, etc. 5. Building a brand of omnipresence: working with clients all over the world from students to CEO’s, lawyers, and Federal Gov’t members.

    I like this branding definition and message – of course. I also like to take it 3 steps further:
    “What are you doing?” A: Writing
    “What do you write about?” A: Sports
    “Who do you interview: Coaches, players, audience, game play, etc.” A: Game Play
    “What’s your style? Do you share tips, criticize them, make fun of them, etc.” A: Criticize
    “How do you criticize: With statistics, humor, opinion, etc.” A: Opinion
    BRAND: Opinionated, broad-caster like, sports writer with a knack for detail and powerful ability to critique
    THEN: How can you use this to branch out?
    -Broadcaster gigs
    -Guest appearances sharing your opinions
    -Teacher/Coach/Tutor using critiquing abilities and detail-oriented vision.


  • One of the best shows so far!