The Perfect Sales Process

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The sales process is really your process for making money. This is real information you can use to get real money. All sales starts with process. How many of you have a sales process that you use? The process must be simple and short; it must be duplicable, fit all personality types, and fit all scenarios. The bottom line is that the best sales process is what works. Keep it simple, honest, and never disagree. If you can’t advertise and promote how you sell, don’t do it. Here’s a sales process you can possibly use to get you on the right track:

1. Greet
2. Intention
3. Qualify
4. Present
5. Propose
6. Close

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  • chiheb Bouhanaf

    Hey grant I sent you y resume yesterday about the sales job !


    What’s the number I have a serious question

  • chiheb Bouhanaf

    i speak 3 languages
    i have 6 years of experience in 100% commission sales
    I want to help you reach the 7 billion people

  • chiheb Bouhanaf

    EED stands for : Energy Efficiency Directive

  • Josh Lowry

    A great episode and discussion. My take notes bellow …
    Perfect Sales Process – All sales start with process. An effective sales process is the difference between average and outstanding results. A sales process creates certainty and consistency; if you do not have one, instability. A sales process should be duplicable, be short, be simple, fit all personality types and fit all scenarios. GC’s sales process is greet, intention, qualify, present, proposal and close. Steps one and two can be eliminated/implied. If you cannot advertise and promote your sales process (how you sell), do not do it.