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Why People Fail – Cardone Zone

In this Show

Grant Cardone live from Hard Rock Cancun Mexico with success strategies to help the middle class achieve financial freedom.

Today’s episode on Cardone Zone focuses on why people fail while others succeed. Grant explains that despite coming from humble beginnings with constant messages of scarcity, he was able to create wealth for himself and his family. He believes if he can turn his situation around, others can too with the right levels of action. Grant shares tips and even speaks to two young middle-easterners who came to America with hunger to accomplish greatness in this country. The conversation is fascinating especially because the gentleman did not speak any English just three years ago. Another guest drops in and presents a special gift to Grant as he does this episode from beautiful Cancun, Mexico. There are many great moments so catch so tune in.

Why People Fail:
1. They stack great data on old bad data.
2. They are being too reasonable.
3. They are ok with average.
4. They misunderstand money.
5. They condemn the hustle.

Grant adds that people must follow the words of Winston Churchill if they truly want to succeed, “never, never, never, give in.”

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