Peanut Butter To Private Jets – Visionary Leadership – Greatness Quest

Kandee G shares how she went from being a ‘broke, homeless, single mother,’ who was down to her last jar of peanut butter. Today she is known as America’s #1 Vision Specialist, and one of the worlds most sought after business transformation specialists. Her story has been called “From Peanut Butter To Private Jets.”

Trevor Crane interviews Kandee G about how you can change your life by unleashing the power of your vision, and how to make your dreams come true.

Kandee G is an international leader in corporate and personal development, speaker, radio talk show host, television personality, coach, trainer and author. She is the founder of Kandee G Enterprises, Inc, the originator of The Vision Program and author of NOW BOARDING, Next Stop Your Remarkable Life.

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  • Theresa

    Is this available online?

  • Maicon

    That’s great! After 20 calls I got my first client!

    Most people would say that I failed in those other 19 calls… but I don’t feel like that, I feel like a winner! And I’m going for more!! 10x rule rocks!

  • Tim Coe

    Pissed off I missed this. Will be on the next one Grant for sure. Your stuff makes so much sense. No one else talks in the way you do so I’ve given up listening to them now. Heard a rumour you’re possibly coming to England with Dan Kennedy for a Chris Cardell event?

  • Kenneth Alford

    I mad I miss this as well I was too busy banging the phone to death. I’m glad you’re holding another one soon.

    Thanks GC

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    access before anyone else, when I announce my next webinar.

  • Shawnn Henson

    After making 54 cold calls yesterday, i set up 17 appointments this week to come see my products and already have 6 sold out of 6 appointments today. 100% close rate only happens when you 10X and Stop bitching about how unfair the world is. Like a wise man once said “Nut up or Shut up!”