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Pay the Price Now to Create the Future You Want – Grant Cardone

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If you want to create massive success in your life, you have to pay the price. That means making the sacrifice now by enduring and doing the things that other people won’t do. It’s up to you to commit to reaching your potential. I told my mom when I was young that, one day, when I become super successful, I was going to help a bunch of people. I’ve been ridiculed by my peers, customers, and my competition. I’ve been judged for everything I’ve done—threatened, sued, betrayed, ripped off, and copied for 30 years with 18 hour days. Talk about paying the price. I’m trying to figure it out because I’m committed. My wife Elena has never complained that I work too much. Because I’m taking care of my family and trying to get to 10X levels. It’s going to be 30 years for you too. Rejection, disappointments, and judgements. It’s going to be 30 years of it. Are you willing to pay the price? Understand this: you will never be successful without paying the price!

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