How To Land New Partnerships- Jerry Fetta | Grant Cardone TV

How To Land New Partnerships- Jerry Fetta

What should a partnership be? I’ve had plenty of bad partnerships until recently when I learned about partnerships and how to have good ones. Partnerships should be mutually beneficial where both people or groups win, but I also believe that partnerships are not always a concerted effort. For example, the sky does not think about the trees benefitting when it rains. And it doesn’t go out of its way to rain just for the benefit of the trees. The sky was going to rain anyways and it is helpful for the trees. The trees purify and clean the oxygen in the environment as a byproduct which is good for the sky. They do their actions for their own benefit and it helps the other partner as a byproduct. My point? I believe a partnership strengthens what you already do and doesn’t require additional effort.